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Z-index Problems with interaction slider


I`ve just set an interaction on my tabs widget. The problem i have is when i click on one of the learn buttons, a slider come over my nav bar while i would prefer if it would be underneath my nav bar, over my video.

Here`s my site : https://preview.webflow.com/preview/demo121?preview=6713d74fc4f86985fd2bf5d40c44a969

I tried a lot of thing with the z-index without success.

p.s. for some reason my preview site open my tab automatically when you go in view mode. It works normally here : http://demo121.webflow.com/


Hi, your structure doesn’t allo that. Your tab element for the sliding menu is a child of the navbar. Inside the navbar if you prefer… it can’t be displayed under it.

So you have to rebuild your structure, making the sliding menu a sibling of the navbar… they should be at the same level. Then you may not even have to use z-index to make it work, but if you do it will be far easier.


Perfect thank you Vincent!

Im new to all of this and youre really helping understand this world! haha!