Sticky Nav Bar is Disappearing on Homepage

Two days ago I realized my hamburger menu was missing from my navbar. So I added it. To show at breakpoints Mobile landscape and mobile portrait.

I have my NavBar set to sticky.

Today I realized that on my homepage when set to tablet breakpoints and below, when scrolling down my navbar is disappearing when Heading 2 of “Hero - Homepage Yellow 1” meets the bottom of the navbar.

I tried deleting “Hero - Homepage Yellow 1” and the same issue occurred for the next hero section “Hero - Homepage 3”

This oddity is not occurring on any other page of my website.

I reviewed all my backups for the last 48 hours and cannot find a suitable place to restore from.

Can anyone help me identify and correct the issue?

I’ve created a video to demonstrate:

Broken Nav Bar

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Emergent Futures Lab

It’s the 75vh on the Body height at the Tablet level. Remove that.


Just tested the resolution for practice and it works. If I were building this site, I would stay away from VH as it is not really necessary.

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75VH was applied in my desperate attempts to fix the error.

Thank you @jmkriz @Jake_Arredondo - this resolved the issue…

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