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Navbar on show and hide issuses


Can someone help?

I have a show and hide Nav bar on my clients site. It works well when your on the homepage, navigates nicely. However, I have an intermittent problem. When I visit another page, and then click on About, to go back to the homepage, the nav-bar doesn’t re-appear. It works well with mobile not desktop.

I have a background video on my hero section, and I am using the scroll Nav-bar interaction on the background video.

The Mobile version i am using an embed.

Here is my public share link:

I even tried putting the background video in a div block and using the div block to show the interaction - still doesn’t work.

I have recreated this on another site and it works perfectly fine. The only difference is that there is no background video only image on hero section.

Really need help!


Hi @Kajv it looks like your navbar only floats out when you scroll out of the hero section so that is why it’s not floating out when linking directly to the about section on the home page from another page.

Perhaps try removing the interaction from the navbar and instead placing it under (via a z-index setting) the hero section on the home page:

You’ll need to remove the “Show Navbar” piece as well:

Hope that this is helpful :bow:

Hi Waldo,

Thank you!!! It works perfectly!


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