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Step by step slider

Hello all,

I am about to lose my mind but about a topic. I want to design the exact same replica of this form to my website:

and webflow link :

There are many things i can not recreate even after I look at this:

  1. What is a step paginator? I assume it is a slider element so I use a slider instead of that
  2. How can I use buttons just like this form uses, instead of arrow fields of the sliders. I deleted icons but I can no customize the placement of the arrow link boxes at all.

Please help a fellow noob and thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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  1. Yes, It’s a slider component (child) with grand-children form components inside each slide, and everything inside form component (parent)
  2. These buttons are “arrows” from a slider component (child), with it’s own class (“previous” and “next”) each.

So, what’s your question?

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