"Static and dynamic content editing" displays on screen

Hello everyone

I get this “Static and dynamic content editing” under my section. What does it mean? How do I get rid of it? I have several CMS collection lists with different content, but this shows this underneeth. It shows when I upload as well.

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Ole Tobias Tveit

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Hi Ole, I’m guessing that was part of your original template.
If you cannot select that element, it’s likely that it’s a piece of text that was fused in to your DIV frame there. I’ve seen that happen on older template designs.

The only way to remove it is to recreate your DIV, and re-apply your classes.

Can you share a read-only link? I’ll show you how.

Thank you! Here is the read-only link


I’m not seeing that text anywhere, you may have already fixed it?

I fixed i now, yes. Build the whole thing up from scratch. Thank you for helping