Start with template or blank?

What is best practice here?

Do people have a preference and what have y’all found ot be most successful to build a full-scale site?


If you look at a template and you know how to do it, do it, start blank. 1000 times that.

Down the road, you’ll know exactly how things work.

Webflow’s huge benefit is an easy maintenance because it’s visual, you remember how you did things and it’s easy to add or modify things. If you start with a full template you haven’t built, then this benefit is less strong.


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In addition to @vincent whom I fully agree with, I nowdays usually start new projects on a component page I’ve built. This has pre-built navs, dropdowns, buttons etc that I’ve designed to my liking.
I just duplicate the site when starting on a new project.

You’ll find mine here and you can clone it. :slight_smile:

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I never start with a template.

A lot of (here) people are pretty talented
And can simply look at a website to to figure out what it does.

Then replicate it in a new site.

Being able to see the internals basically allows confirmation of what was done.

Thanks guys! This is very helpful.

Agree it is difficult trying to navigate the classes and styles on a template!

@StevenP using the website components is great. I am frequent user of Sketch and this process is similar to what I use in sketch.

Thanks again!

Very helpful. Would love to be able to copy elements across projects at some point!

I always start blank. Don’t put a title on an unfinished book.

Are there full tutorials available on building a full website starting blank?

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