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BEST CSS Practice in webflow?

I’m curious as to everyones approach to their css in WF.

Right now, I am starting as I would any template

  • Typography -> h1 h2 etc
  • Paragraphs
  • Bullets/lists
  • Block Quotes

Then Elements

  • Testimonials
  • tabs
  • etc.

I’m curious to how others start a project.


Hi, here re some unsorted info about best practice and starters.

I slowly work on and update a starter project that I use for every new project. It’s here and you can duplicate it :

It contains a page to later showcase a project you can’t keep as is on your account because you had to hand it over to clients. It also has a lot of predefined colors, mainly the popular material design swatch and some alteration. I planto bring in some custom code for simple stuff later on.

Your structure is good, now read about HTML5 tags and try to place them accordingly, because you can do so with Webflow (in the settings tab, for each element). Try to at least define header, navigation, footer, sections and articles.

Lastly, there is an extremely good read on Webflow that’s a bit hidden, it’s the guidelines for people who want to sell templates. it’s full of very good general and webflows advices.

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