"Staged for publish"


Toying around with creating collection items and I can see that both the “is_draft” and “is_archived” fields are exposed (and required). But there’s a 3rd state that isn’t either one – “staged for publishing”. It looks like any created that is neither (draft nor archived) defaults to “staged for publish” automatically. Is that right? Would there be a way to auto-publish, or does it still require a manual publish via the UI?


Currently the API can only add items in “staged for publish” mode. (And requires a manual publish via the UI)

We will be adding “Publish Site” to the API shortly - and are finalizing the details on what needs to be done to make it possible to add items directly w/o having to publish. So in the future we plan on supporting that, yes.


Oh man, I can’t wait for the “auto publish” feature! I’m loving the API so far – really enjoying playing around with shuttling data. I’m most interested in it because I bit a user-authentication credential system on top of Webflow and, while it’s mostly a hack-y workaround, I think it will work just right if I can get new “users” created to be published automatically. Let me know if/when this gets implemented and I’ll show you how I built it!


I’m definitely needing this myself. My websites have CMS items that populate for my clients through social media posts. I use it to create an activity feed aggregating all their social platforms into one place. I just realized today that new items don’t publish. So, I guess I’ll be following this kinda hard and just adding in a notification when new things are added in so I can publish manually.

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