Ssl error err_ssl_protocol_error 2.0

I have the same issue as in this topic

On the last week my site stopped working and shows this error : ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

I doublecheck all settings and all good, webflow says that domain is connected properly.
I sent support request 5 days ago but zero respond from webflow

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Patch Building

@Oleg_Aksonov - Looks like you still have the issue.

Make sure you followed step 5 at → Manually connect a custom domain - Webflow University Documentation

hi, I did all according to instruction. (see attach)

unfortunately it doesn’t help, I did remove custom domain for a few times, but no changes.
Also I did try use custom domain without SSL and it works… but I need it with SSL.

And one more general feedback about webflow support. I have this problem for a 10 days or so… and only answers from support was in style: try to turn it off and the turn it on. speed of answers is also extremely hight, once per day :slight_smile: and because of difference in time zone, I’m getting all this answers at night…

Did you add the TXT record?