Splash Intro (Page Load) + Anchor Link


I would like to add two last design/interaction elements for my client’s website and before releasing it. At the moment, everything is based on static pages as I’m discovering Webflow but I’ll be rebuilding the website in CMS as soon as I’m done with its first version. I just needed to get that deadline out of the way.

Here is what I’m after:

(1) Splash Intro
I came across this conversation. here:

and the effect I’m after is precisely the one mentioned in this conversation:

I reckon I’ll reduce it to 3 seconds instead of 5 but I can’t put my hands on the Splash Intro, can someone help me with this? This is actually a really useful interaction for portfolio website(s).

Would be really great if I could include it in my project.

(2) Anchor link

In the page ‘work’, we have a series of visuals. When we click on them, you can see the targeted image on a separated page. When you click on that image, you go back to the work page.

I would like to return on the page ‘work’ but precisely where I left it where the image is located in the page. If they were in separated sections, it would be fairly simply but it’s one single section with a grid.

I saw I could create an ID for the image(s) and anchor it. ( /page#element-ID)

But I can’t seem to make it work… It’s likely that I’m not entering the link properly.

I’ve also tried the javascript ( * `javascript:window.history.go(-1)) but it’s the same result than simply linking the image to the page ‘work’.

I can’t figure what I’m doing wrong.

If someone could help me resolve those two elements that would be really great!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Follow up.

I’ve just sorted the Anchor Link issue thanks to this:

And specifically this:

I’m still desperately after the Splash Intro feature. It’s a bit frustrating as I’ve found the topic but the folder doesn’t exist anymore. If someone can help me with this that would be really great.



Cheers for your time!

Follow up.

I’ve sorted the ‘Splash Intro’ thanks to this:

The explanations are really easy to follow, here is the result:

it will be released in few days here:

Odd thing, the page load was triggered every time I would click on the button ‘work’ but I’ve duplicated the page to control it. I’m sure there is cleaner way to resolve it but for now it will do.

The next chapter will be to switch the website to CMS in coming weeks—shouldn’t take long. Thank you @Webflow! Programming my first website has been pretty easy and more importantly a pleasurable experience.

Looking forward to kick start my two upcoming web projects.