How to create a loading page before page loads assets

I wanted to know if it is convenient to create a loading page, something like an intro page to give time for all the assets to load in a website, before showing everything. I also have interactions in the website that show when the page loads. So, will a loading page work and the interactions wait to trigger until you move from the loading page to the website itself??? And how can I create that loading page?? Can someone help me out with the basics??


I posted this on a recent topic:

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HI @aerismel, this might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but I made a demo showing how to make a splash loading screen that disappears when the assets on your page have finished loading. Check it out here:

Page Title: Splash Intro (Page Load)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


That helped me a lot, thank you!!

Hey @thewonglv, whatever happened to your demo? I am trying to create something like that demo but more along the lines of ‘are you over 18?’ so you can enter the website.

Or do you have any recommendation on how I can add a splash page to my website at ?


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Here you go @djobadze:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply Dave. This certainly did help but I don’t understand how each page was made so I have a few questions:

How do you view the code to figure the inner working of each demo?
How can I use the same demo for my own website?

Oh okay, I see now that the pages are controlled using triggers, under ‘interactions’.

@cyberdave So I created a splash page, but now I am a bit uncertain how do I keep the splash page from popping up all the time, but to rather learn from the user after hitting the ‘enter website’ button.

Here is a link:
Or you can check out another version I have at:

Hi, I’m trying to look into the best way to create a loading bar animation for my website but this link seems to be broken? Is there a more up to date forum post?

Thank you :slight_smile: