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Speed improvements

This is my first site with Webflow ( I like to see an A on GTMetrix for the speed grade (I realize load time under 2s isn’t bad). However, it appears that the classes added to the editor aren’t being minimized and the Specify Vary (couldn’t that mean a site won’t load)? I haven’t launched the site yet under it’s own domain but would any of this issues resolve with a domain name? I’m thinking no so how would I correct when hosting on Webflow?

Hi @jdesign - we just pushed some code to serve the CSS and JS files over GZip - simply republish your site for the changes to take effect.

As for minification of JS and CSS, we’ll be adding some more publishing options later so that you can have the option to choose how your site is published.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the response. So will the code you pushed for Gzip now apply to any site I publish via web flow?

That helped by the way. Still some room for improvement:) I did turn off CDN for images because it seemed to cause an odd delay in the photo load.