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How to Enable Gzip Compression

I’ve been running tests on my site in an attempt to get the page load speed down and I keep failing in the category for gzip compression. I can’t seem to find any topics that directly address the issue of enabling of gzip compression on a Webflow site. Is it a piece code that I need to add to my site? Any help would be appreciated.

Picture of my speed test results attached. Below is the link to what the test says needs the compression.

Site read only link:

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Hi @dankanvis,

This is just part of this particular speed test program. The site already minifies JS for you automatically.

56.1KB is very little and wont hardly have any affect on your speed results.

You can’t modify features of the server architecture when hosting with Webflow. Gzip compression would fall into that.


Thank you guys for the quick responses. I appreciate the insight.

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@dankanvis my guy! crazy to see you out here. hope all is well!