Special characters error

I am having some kind of problem with this google font. Maybe can be something related to the server?



Server problem… thats clients nowadays, rs

Hey @felps85

Is this issue resolved? For me it looks like:

  1. browser cache of old font
  2. Google Font without latina-ext

Let me know if we can help you any further :)


Thanks @bart , but it was my client’s server, they don’t updated and a lot of other things, but it is working fine right now! But thank you!

Glad to hear that :) Next time maybe you’ll have them hosting on Webflow :)

Now with the new price structure its easier to convince them, but the emails and FTP still make the difference. I am anxious about the other stuff for we that make sites to another people, i heard something in other post these days.
The ecommerce will be my prefered, hope that it will be affordable too :wink:

You guys really rock!

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