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Spacing in Between Columns

Hi WF Forum!

I took a short break form webflow and Im having problems with what should be an easy fix.

Building out a site for a friend. Trying to add spacing in between the columns in the ‘What We Offer’ Section

Appreciate any help

I know you started but I would not use columns. Just use 4 Divs with Flex on the parent and add % width to those Divs. It’s much easier than fiddling with columns. And you can control the entire block better. Easier for sure :slight_smile:

That’s an easy fix! Thank you!

No problem… yeah columns are difficult if you get creative. See ya!

What’s the best way to get these 4 divs to be mobile responsive?

Use flex for the parent … do you want to see a quick video? I do it on your page. It won’t save but you can see it.

Yes sir that would be much appreciated!

Sure here you go:

holy cow, I would NOT have gotten there by myself. Thank you for making this video!

Not a problem, it’s pretty easy after a few times, you’ll get it down in no time… keep at it. Have fun, see ya :slight_smile:

I think I’ve built up some bad habits and tricks that work for somethings but then end up making it a mess later :sweat_smile:

Hahaha… that’s what is SOOO GREAT about Webflow… they have built the absolute BEST product that blends all these important technologies into a single interface. They’ve managed to bridge the gap between front and back end without putting us back in college :slight_smile:

I started out in the 90’s writing code in college and it was tough to stay focused. Everything was by hand with reference manuals… ugh. It began with Cobal which was brutal, I think Sears may be the only company to still use it.

But I stopped after graduation and took up front end design and illustration. You’ll be fine, if you pick a segment and practice one at a time. If you try and do all these skills at once, frustration will ensue. Good Luck, I’ll be around if you need anything else.

By the way, my portfolio was created with transparency for the business owner first. I like to focus on ‘how the business will benefit’ from a project. I think teaching and providing clarity on what all this stuff means is a more direct route towards retaining information. I’ve working on it for 1 year now and I’m about 85% done. Go check it out and tell me what you think. I’m sure updates will occur for a while, but still plugging alone. It fits my client’s needs in this format, because I do a lot of athletic facility and athletic organization projects.

Share your feedback sometime:

Take care.

Your site looks sooooo clean… Love all those animations!

Thanks! Yes, trying to keep the interactions unique as possible. I have a lot of work left hopefully not too much :slight_smile: See ya later, have a great weekend!

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