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Sourcefabric Airtime Schedule Widget Integration

Hello Webflow community.

I am relatively new to Webflow, and at the moment I am building a website for a radio station that uses Sourcefabric’s Airtime to air their live shows.
Webflow was the obvious choice due to how easy it then becomes for someone who doesn’t necessarily know to code to maintain and update the website, considering it is a non-profit project without funds to have a web designer on board.

For the website I need to build a schedule. Their previous website has the schedule importing the info from airtime, so the server side work is already set up on the server where the website is currently hosted.

This is the documentation and how to do it on a regular website:

I am somewhat lost about how to make it work in webflow, and was wondering if it’s even possible to do something like this, given the custom code limitations.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time!

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Found a way around this by using github to host the necessary files / custom code and by building an iframe that contains the widget and imports it into the website.

Airtime has a feature which enables your station’s show and schedule information to be displayed on remote websites. This feature is included in Airtime because you would not usually invite the general public to access your Airtime server directly. If you had very large numbers of people requesting data from the Airtime server at once, the burst of network traffic might overload the server, potentially disrupting your broadcasts. If carried out maliciously, this network overload is known as a denial of service attack .