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Hello my webflow friends, i have a client that has a church and they are using a streaming platform that allows them to embed a player that plays streams. They want a schedule of all the shows that are available each hour like a tv guide. Below is an example. They would like to see a week at a time if possible. I was trying to do a collection but it would be limited since you can only have a max of 60 fields. I had a friend suggest maybe it can be a blog and each post could be a show and somehow filter blog list view to show like a calendar. I am not sure or if this even possible with webflow. Or is there a 3rd party that offers a tv stream calendar/show listing.


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Hey, @krazyk15!

The easiest way to achieve this would be use Airtable as your database and embed it onto the website. It would allow users to filter and sort as well.


Hope this helps!

i heard of airtable…but did not know i could do that. Thanks I will take a look at it.

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