Sorting products (user interaction)

No answers. Not sure if I don’t phrase it right or if the title is misleading.
Let me try it shorter and more concise:

Is there any way I can give the users a selector so that they can choose the order products are displayed by (color, price, latest, random etc.)?

The way I currently have it is that I use tabs for the user to choose between product categories “Bangles”, “Necklaces” and “Other” – not super lean/efficient but it works.
But how can I make it so that they then can then choose in what order (by color, price…) the products are displayed?

With other words, I want the user to be able to select “Bangles” and then sort the Bangles by color.

Read-only below.
(I’m working on it so it may change along the way, but I hope you’ll get the picture)

There must be a way (even if it’s a workaround)!
Thank you for your advice.

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Ornament-is-crime][1]

Yeah, you can do this with either MixitUp or F*nSweet

Thank you, briansage!
I was hoping that there’s a smart (and free) way to accomplish what I need within the Webflow Designer (and CMS). Looks like there isn’t.
I’ll look into what you suggested.

Thanks again!