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Can the CMS feature do this?

I am doing an eCommerce site. I’ll most likely use the CMS feature for the category pages to easily add/move/delete products.

My question is by using the CMS feature could I have the items sorted by price, name, category, etc? For example, a pull down at the top of the page that allows you to sort the products.

Is this possible in Webflow?



Hello @Bghead8che

Definitely you can do this with Webflow CMS, check this article:

Hopefully it will help.


Thanks Aaaron,

Unless I am mistaken this will allow myself to choose the sort order. However, what I am looking for is for the customer to be ability to short via a link on the actual internet.

For example, a dropdown box with a link that says “Price – Low to High” and then it sorts the content dynamically.

This feature will allow my site visitors to actually sort the data as well, correct?



I haven’t tried this yet, but it might help you:

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