Rearrange products without deleting and recreating

Once you create products can you rearrange them inside the e-commerce product sections? I see delete and select. Can you move them up and down in the products tab to reflect differently on the webpage?

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I suggest you create a custom field called order number. Enter a value to each product and then in the collection list sort them by order number

I figured out how to put the products in any order on the PRODUCTS page, but when I publish the changes, the products remain in the order that I created them. Please let me know how I can arrange my products in the appropriate order for my webflow e-commerce site.

Create I field called sortorder in your CMS. Then in your collection sort products by soertorder

Otherwise you could create a collection that is a like a “product shelf / category” with multireference to products. You’d then be able to list product in the order you want as being part of the shelf / category. As you would in real life. Multireference field respects the order of listing.

I was able to figure this part out. But, when I publish my products in the correct order, they appear in the order according to the date that I add the product.

For anybody trying to figure this out, here’s how to do the sort after you make a sort field for your products and assign a number to each one in the order you want them to show.

  1. Go to the page you have your product collection on

  2. In the Navigator, on the left side of your screen, select your Collection List

  3. On the right side of the screen, click the Cog icon

  4. Sort Order > + icon

  5. Choose the field you want to sort by and how you want to sort it.