[Added] Reorder fields in a collection (CMS)

Need to reorder fields in a collection after i added them (e.g. just by drag & drop).


Yes, I have a need for this as well. When creating content fields it is not always apparent at first, what order will be most useful for the content editors. Re-ordering via drag & drop would be very helpful here!

Thank you for listenening

@Millioni @Tobias We’re really bummed that we weren’t able to ship with this for v1.0, but this feature is being worked on already! Hoping to have it tested and out to you soon! :smile:

Great! I didn’t know that we needed your CMS until it was there. An suddenly a universe of possibilities is opening for us… Thank you for your great work!!!

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Yes this is needed very badly. Personally I think this should always be a basic feature. Not being able to re-arrange custom added fields will always result in messy collections. Not everyone writes down their concept and creates something “on the go”. At least that’s how I do it.

@Millioni @Tobias @rowan

This feature is now live!