Possible bug with publishing date of posts

I created a blog post yesterday. I created a text area for the “published” date and also for the the “updated” date on my blog template page.

Today, I updated my blog post (from inside the main interface) and made some other changes on my site, and then published my changes. However, my blog post now shows today as the published date for my post and it shouldn’t do this. This was merely an update. Perhaps the webflow team can go in and fix that from happening. It would be really appreciated.

The reason this is really important is that some people start (or even finish) their blog posts ahead of time and don’t want to display the “created” date on their posts. But with the current issue, if they display the “published” date if they make any changes in the future, they will lose the original published date.

We follow a similar method for our documentation timestamps. Have you tried adding a “date” field for the Collection and manually enter the date you wish to display for each item?

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