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Something is not right, is this a bug?

Hi from Portugal,

Something strange when i export the code to my PC. Is this a bug?

Rui Almeida

Just a blind guess that it’s probably an internal uid for webflow purposes. Since wf can’t read its exported html, I’m guessing maybe for support/troubleshooting tracking purposes?

ok, but for example the favicon patch ssoub be images/favicon.ico ???

Again, purely guessing but that looks like the actual url for the favicon file on the content delivery network (CDN) that webflow uses for hosting. Not sure why it’s explicit instead of relative, but I’ve seen that kind of rendered url before for images stored on other CDNs. If that creates challenges for you in your workflow with exported code, let webflow know, they seem to be very much wanting to hear about real-world customer needs.

Hi @Rui_Almeida, thanks for the question!

The data-wf-site id on the HTML element is used by Webflow to capture form submissions, if you happened to add a form on your page. Without that identifier, we’d have no idea which site form submissions belong to and should be associated with. If you are not using Webflow-powered forms on your page, feel free to remove that attribute.

For the favicon, you’re right - it should be a relative URL. As @ramatsu said, it’s pulling it from our CDN at the moment. In a future release, these will be relative and included in the zip bundle that you download, but for the time being you can manually download them to your computer and update the href URLs to relative ones. I know it’s kind of a pain, and we’ll have a more elegant solution soon.

Hi, know i understand :smiley:

The favicon path its not a big problem, its simple and fast to change.

Tks for the fast reply, and i know this is a cliclê, but webflow change my professional live.

Sorry for my poor english.
Rui Almeida