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Somebody is advertising on one of my sites

One of my sites suddenly has advertising all over it. Not from me. A bunch of words are underlined and show something from when hovered over. And, there’s a video from Lowes that shows up in the bottom right corner.

What the heck is that about? How do I stop it.

I went into designer and re-published the site but the ad links are still there.

Here’s the site. Yes, it’s not beautiful but it’s what my customer wants.

Here’s the site.


Nothing showing up when I look at it. My guess is you’re on a Windows PC, and it’s adware/malware? I’ve been wrong about loads before though! :joy:

We use nothing but Macs here.

Apologies :speak_no_evil:

Still, no adverts showing up here whatsoever. Is there a particular page where they’re showing?

Sorry, everybody. It turned out to be some an extension that was somehow put into Chrome on my mac. I deleted the extension - something like Frontier Ads - and everything seems to me fine now.

Thanks for your help.


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