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Some visitors see old Design?

Hi Guys,

my client is having issues with a website I made for them. For some web visitors, they see the old design - but in a kind of broken way:

The strangest part is that its displaying copy (for example “step 1”) from the old design, which doesn’t exist on the current version anymore.
Here is the live link:

Has this happened to you that even after publishing changes, parts of the old design are still showing for some users? - Personally, when I go to the page I do not have that problem. But it has been like this for many visitors this past week :confused:
The domain is

Thanks so much guys!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Browser caching is not a bug. It is a browser feature.

Reloading the page should resolve the issue. Most likely the effected users are frequent visitors. Webflow is only serving the new content.

Time will resolve the issue if they don’t reload / clear cache.

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Thanks for the reply.
How can I change this for them? We don’t know the visitors and can’t tell them to clear their cache (would be great though lol). The client isn’t happy unfortunately.
Any way I can prevent this from happening?

Was the site hosted on another platform then migrated? Or did you just make a design change on an existing webflow site?

Yes, purely within Webflow. We’ve changed the design/the content a few times to meet the clients needs, but this time it has caused us some issues :confused:

I’ve run into this with corporate clients that are behind proxied firewalls where the corporate infrastructure caches resources accessed by internal clients. There is nothing you can do other than wait for the caches to clear.

If you look at the source and it is current, it’s not your problem. If it persists then you would want to isolate the visitors to geography, browser, OS.

Just a thought, did you test the site on old browsers?

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