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Custom Domain added but old website showing

I’ve had this on going issue for months now and I cannot find an answer.

I’ve added the customer domain (which is the same url of but for most users and mainly new users, they are still seeing our old website which looks like this:

Webflow - SOUTHWORKS | Make Everything Right™ - Is the new website.

Webflow support have suggested it is a caching issue, but not from Webflow or my end, but that of the user’s end. I tested this out with a different computer, cleared my cache and the new website did load. But we can’t ask every new user to do this!

Would anyone know how to solve this issue? Is a script is needed to be written so that in case of an “older version” of the website is detected, it cleans it up for the User, and prompts them to refresh? And would anyone know how to write this?

Would really appreciate any help with this as it has been going on for months.


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