Some scrolling issues mobile and desktop menu


My mobile menu isn’t quite what it should be yet.

-the dropdown list should push lower content down, but instead it moves over the content
-scrolling of the main drop down is far from smooth. The inside dropdown in ‘cursussen’ is smooth, but those are divs with an interaction. Why is the main drop down not smooth?
-when a submenu in ‘cursussen’ is open, I can’t scroll down anymore.
-moving the menu when closed, is far from easy and smooth. Sometimes I can get to the bottom and sometimes nog.

Desktop menu question:
-I learned a nice scroll down of the menu from a video, but that uses a click. I would like to use hover, so that the menu opens on hover and that I can still go down with my mouse an be able to select something. And another submenu should be able to open up and be clickable. I think that means the overflow should be hidden, but then my secondary drop down is not readable. The secondary dropdown is located under ‘cursussen’.

I know, a lot of questions… Sigh…



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