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No smooth scrolling on real life mobile


Been working on mobile menu. Few issues that I can’t solve.

The initial dropdowns work ok. They float in from the right and the appearance is smooth.

-When opening and closing there is a quick grey flash. This happens for sure when the top of the menu has been out of sight. Sometimes when the menu has been pushed down, so that the top is completely visible, it does not happen. But not consistent.

Secondary dropdown
In the second menu item called ‘aanbod’ there is a secondary dropdown. This is not a Webflow Dropdown element, because I could not get the Dropdown element listen to the interaction of moving it in from the right.

First consideration:
-If anybody knows of a way to have a Webflow Dropdown element listen to an interaction, that would be the best because the issues below would be probably be gone. I gave up on it.

Issues with the secondary dropdown made with divs
So, I researched posts and tutorials and built a secondary dropdown with divs. But:
-opening and closing this secondary dropdown on a real mobile device looks far from smooth. On the computer it looks fine.
-how can I make the subitems within this secondary dropdown float in from the right when the sub opens? They should do so to make the menu consistent (and smooth).

Anybody? I really hope somebody will take a look. This has been a hell of a struggle for days now.


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