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Mobile menu can't scroll

Probably easy to solve, but I can’t find it.

The mobile menu is a long hierarchical menu. That means I should be able to scroll through the menu, but it is fixed, so can’t get to the bottom. Same with a submenu in the menu opening. The background page moves, but that is not interesting.


I have found a setting 100VH that makes the mobile menu scrollable. Working now with the sub items. They don’t appear as it should yet. I’ll experiment first.

Here is my public share link:
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Hey @Wim, I’ve just had a play around and set your Nav Menu to 90vh and Auto Scroll.

Seems to work for me!


Plus I set the Link Block Menu class to Auto so that it isn’t pushing out the width of your menu passed the screen.

In your original settings, it was at 100% width and causing some problems…


Not sure if this helps, maybe you could post a link to the staging site as well for testing?


Hi @quarshcreative Marshy, that is awesome. I am a rookie still with Webflow and indeed I have been struggling with that 100% pushing out in this menu. Now I understand better the difference between block and inline block. The 90VH setting works too. Great, thanks a lot.

I am still struggling with the sub items in this mobile menu. In the desktop menu there is a dropdown within a dropdown. Both open up on nicely when I hover each one and it works fine. However in the mobile menu, when I hover over the first dropdown, the sub dropdown opens as well. That is why I have hidden the ‘sub’ dropdowns and set up a much more complicated system with all kinds of interactions, but I can’t get it smooth. Now I thought perhaps this is a wrong road because perhaps it is possible to prevent a dropdown within a dropdown from immediately opening up in the mobile menu. do you perhaps know?

Hi @quarshcreative Marshy, before you start thinking and spend energy, the issue is already solved. Parameters were inherited and messed up the dropdown class.

But thank anyway.

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No problem @Wim, navbars and dropdowns in Webflow took me a VERY long time to work out haha

I still come across little issues here and there…

Good luck!

Hi Marshy.

Perhaps you know the answers for another question on dropdowns.

I have a published .io site, here is a link: If you open the menu in mobile and then hover the second menu item called ‘cursussen’ (this is Klingon indeed), the second space is empty. Only when you hover over it, the dropdown comes in, but it should show with the other items. In desktop view you can see the same issue under ‘cursussen’ and then it is the third empty space.

But only if you feel like it and have time/energy. If not, no problem whatsoever. Thankful for the earlier answer.


Hi Sean,

Can I ask you to take another look? Have been working on a very simple mobile menu. Pffff…. Webflow is so complicated.

And still running into trouble. All mobile version.
-when a submenu is open, I can’t scroll to the bottom. I can just about scroll to the bottom when everything is closed.
-the submenu opens over the other main items. Should not. It should push the main items down. I tried a hundred settings, but clearly I don’t understand Webflow.
-the menu setting is fill 100% height, but I can still see the background at the bottom sometimes.
-when I use my iphone with every click there is a grey flash

Would you mind? Anything would help. Only if you feel like it. You already helped a lot.

This is the published site for checking:



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