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Some of the W3 School How To Elements recreated in Webflow

Hey Webflow community,
I’ve been trying to replicate some of the html elements from in Webflow. And also try some other CSS elements. Here’s a sample of what I’ve done so far.:


Nice thanks! Tried it on iPad, some things didn’t work that well. I don’t expect you to fix it just my observation :smiley: I’ve ran into this myself many times.

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Hehe you’re welcome. I’m just playing with these and not giving much thought about responsiveness and such. Just thought I’d share. and yeah maybe some interactions don’t work on tablets and mobiles…

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Great playground Anna! WF has a great future thanks to people like you.

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hehe thanks. I like to have fun with Webflow in my free time. Also trying to learn basic html, css and even a bit of java. It makes me understand the way Webflow does what it does and boy it makes me fall for WF more and more each day.

Webflow’s future will be great cause it has a great team of dedicated talents who see the potential of Webflow becoming THE tool to go to for web design and even more than that. WF might be the tool to make online games, presentations, books, book libraries, apps…no limits once one starts thinking outside the box-model :stuck_out_tongue:

WF = WebFlow = Web’s Future :wink:


Here’s the Preview link:

If you guys have better workarounds, with less css, do share.
The less css we use the cleaner and faster the site will be. So, do share your suggestions.