Some important things to be aware of before using Weglot for language translation

Let me know if you want more ideas, I have a list :wink:

I actually do :slight_smile: It doesn’t mean we will do all of it but I want to hear it.
Could you share it here :
So other users can upvote the ideas if they want

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@Remy When trying to login to make a suggestion in the Weglot roadmap, I’m just forwarded to the Weglot dashboard (where I’m already logged in), with no way back to the roadmap page.

You can access it within Weglot dashboard in “Feature request”

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Have browsed through your roadmap list and posted some suggestions. Weglot has some nice planned/upcoming features in the roadmap. There is especially one feature that I want to comment on here, since it should be relevant for many Webflow+Weglot users:

The ability to use subdirectory instead of subdomain ( instead of is a very important new feature, since 301 redirects from old multilingual sites using subdirectory today is not possible! This will allow us to move e.g. old multilingual wordpress sites over to Webflow without totally destroying the sites SEO. Hopefully this feature will not be placed under the insanely expensive Weglot Advanced plan, where the URL translation feature unfortunately ended up!

This, in combination with a way to prevent content that is not reviewed by the client to automatically show up on the site for every minor edit made in the original Webflow site (like discussed earlier in this tread) and visually group near identical versions of text blocks in the Weglot translation list would help a lot in make Weglot a more viable solution for multilingual Webflow sites.


Hi Christopher, actually this feature of subdirectories is already in Beta, but for now only working if you main domain is on a www. , not directly on root !

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@Remy I’m very interested in becoming a beta-tester on this feature :wink: We have several potential projects coming up that will be dependent on subdirectories for languages.

Ok, so you can send a message to our support team at
Ask for Remy, and say you want to test the subdirectories in beta on webflow. Also, note that for now this is only available if your website starts with www. (because of some limitation on most domain provider)

Thank you for your detailed analysis of Weglot. We are also using Weglot for some of our projects, but the points you raise are exactly the limitations of the tool that we have found. It’s just a huge paint that we can’t set up redirects. I am very frustrated with the Webflow team’s decision not to offer a native solution. Wake up Webflow team! I hope you will listen to your customers sometime soon, otherwise a competitor with a better solution will take the lead. I wouldn’t mind paying more for the service, but the current solution is not acceptable for complex projects. I’m at the point where I’m considering returning to traditional CMS systems that can handle multilingual sites.

Hi again @Remy

Talked to your support team and they informed me that the subdirectory feature had been taken out of beta testing, preparing for launch. Do you have any ETA on when this feature will be rolled out?


It will be probably in February that you can test it


Hi @Remy

I have a question regarding the new language subdirectory feature that Weglot plan to launch in February.

Will we be able to set up 301 redirects in the Webflow settings to a subdirectory that does not actually exist in Webflow, but is added by Weglot from the “outside” of Webflow?

I’m also very curious to know if this subdirectory feature will be available on all plans, not just the more expensive plans?

I’m not 100% for the redirection but that might work if Webflow let us “save” the redirection, then as the URL will exist it will work.
About the plan, it will be for everyone.
In February it will be on demand (through, then we will progressively add it on self service directly in the software. You can already ask (ask for Remy :slight_smile: )

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