Some animations not working in chrome after export

I am having an issue with some animations not working in chrome. They work in chrome when viewed in webflow but stop working after export. They work ok in safari.

This version on my server is not working (rollover icons on home page, challenge page header animation):

This version is working ok:

Both versions work the same for me, did you fix it, or do you have a cache issue?

Tested on a couple of machines here, macbook, chromebook and pc. Animations not working for the version.

I will clear caches again and try…

Cleared caches and still not working. There are five horizontal icons at the bottom of the page that should have a rollover effect and the challenge page images show initially then disappear.

Hi @dmp, thanks for the update. I also checked in chrome and those rollovers are working for me on the site. I am doing some additional testing :slight_smile: Cheers,

Just tested on another machine and working ok in IE but not chrome.

Hi @dmp

Which version of Chrome are you testing in?

I’m using Version 44.0.2403.157 (64-bit) for osx 10.10.4

My colleagues have also tested from various pcs, laptops and chromebooks with varying versions of chrome with the same results. The animations that are not working are using the onLoad trigger.

Could this be a router caching issue? Hard to test as it would mean shutting off the internet for the entire office :confused:

Could try again on another network after office hours

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