Some animation is paused when changing tabs

Hi! I’m currently working on a site where my customer wanted a dynamic animation that changes words and colors. I was thinking of doing custom code like anime.js for the animation-part of changing the words, but it seemed just as easy to use the Webflow native animation.

It’s abit messy interaciton-wise but visually it’s working like intended. But when I change to another tab and wait 4+ seconds, the text-animation continues while the color-animation doesn’t. Example screenshot (recreate it by tabbing out for 4+ seconds and tabbing back in):

Are there any implementable custom-code that could tell the text-animation to pause while tabbed out or something like that? Or should I clean up the animations or maybe do a combination of custom code/native webflow animation?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Opplev Runde) link: