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(looping) Time-delayed interactions (broken)

EDIT: the interactions I used were set to “loop” and worked great until switching tabs which broke up the timing… happens in every browser. And when I used Firefox the interactions which moved the text left and right looked awful… not smooth at all as they are in Chrome.

When you create time-delayed interactions such as multiple text blocks which are set to appear one after the other, there is an issue.

Everything appears to work fine when viewing the interaction live. However, if you switch tabs for 30 seconds and then switch back to the web page with the interactions you created, the interactions will be slightly broken.

Instead of having one text block visible at a time you will see others as well.

It seems that switching tabs to check an email or put on a youtube video (etc) is enough to break your interactions.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I was using text blocks which were visible for either 4.5 or 5.5 seconds each and spaced out by 0.1 seconds.

All appeared to be fine … I left the web page open for 20 minutes and it was still working great… the only error came when I switched tabs to open a new web page.

This would be a bad look if you had time-delayed interactions that appeared fine until a viewer switched tabs to check facebook and then came back to see all hell break loose… lol

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Try clearing your cache! This happened to me earlier and it seemed to stop after I did that.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Happens in every browser. I tried it in firefox and now I see that webflow looks kind of bad in the firefox browser.

I have an interaction where text slides right 7 pixels for 2.5 seconds then left 7 pixels for 2.5 seoconds… it moves slowly in firefox… not smooth

I have a loop of text block interactions… everything works fine unless you switch tabs…

Apparently that effects the timing…

I will try using interactions 2.0 I finally have this available to me… for some reason I never had it until just now…

Hopefully I can recreate the interactions and they wont break when I switch tabs…

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