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Ability to create a forum using a built-in widget

I’ve pretty much been stuck on this one, I’ve looked everywhere for tutorials on webflow on how to create a forum and a login menu that keeps a database of user records and posted threads… etc.

Much help or any is all I really need, I just need a direction.



Making a web forum requires a server side technology, with a database. It’s even more complicated than a CMS, there are features such as profiles, feeds, knowledge base etc that regular CMS don’t even have out of the box.

Webflow, for now, is a live editor to make static websites. There is no server side tech involved, only HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you were developing a forum, you could maybe use webflow to build templates, give them to the developers for them to make them dynamic.

So if you want a forum, you’d better use one that’s already developed and make it your own. That’s what 99,99% of people who want a forum do, because it’s a very hard and long task to create, develop, debug and maintain one.

For years and years, the king of forum engines has been PHPBB. It required PHP on the server as well as a MySQL database. It’s old tech and comes with too much possibilities I think, I wouldn’t recommend it in 2015.

The forum we’re on here, Webflows’ forum, is built on a much newer program: Discourse. It’s free I guess you can grab it and have someone install it on your server.

I hope this helps.


Are you a developer or a designer…
or do you straddle the fence.

I like to dance on the line between the two. But thanks to vincents comment, looks like I can use my knowledge of styling and designing in css and find a forum building site that allows me to change the style and more importantly create a homepage to fit it in.

As for your forum-sided comment it looks like I’m settled on what position I can take for this. Creating an individual forum site with a style applied similar to my webflow page and link it through there.

Now, for login I still need to find what path I should take if I am to create a login menu. ( for reference) The plan in mind is to have a login button that cascades to the left upon click or hover (however I decide) and text boxes for username and password to either transition into the side bar or gently drop down underneath it.

With this I am unsure on what I need exactly and as I am to believe, webflow restricts unsubscribed members to having 5 users a website.

My plan for creating new users:-

== Already in place ==

  1. User enters name, ign, email and reason
  2. Details are sent to the output review (my login)

== To be added ==
3a. If approved, an email is sent back to the user informing them that they have been accepted and given a random password that they can change later on by customizing their settings (via successful login - transition pop up with check boxes and tabs on the different settings)
3b. If denied, an email is sent back informing the user that their request has been denied with an official reason.
4. Page has additional (or changed) elements when a user has successfully logged in.

/// decided to delete my own post… you can’t lead a horse to water.

To clarify. This comment was for Vincent… not the OP (Sebbert).

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