[Solved] Server 500 error

Same here, I am impacted with my site as well :frowning:

Yep, mine too. I was connecting Webflow with Hubspot using Zapier right before this happened, and thought that was what caused mine to go out! Glad to know it’s AWS and not me :upside_down_face:

Same here. Two CMS sites down, and a Basic site online.
Is there a problem on AWS or Webflow?

So webflow uses AWS and it seems that a certain location (NOC) is down that is hosting a portion of some if not all webflow sites. The better question to ask is who is up? That will tell us if its a percentage or all of webflow and their sites.

AWS status confirming: https://health.aws.amazon.com/health/status

Only pages that use collections are down for my projects.

my 2 non-cms sites are down too with same error msg. only happened after they were republished. got an email from webflow - they are aware and fixing things now. hopefully it will all be working soon.

ok that kind of narrows it down a bit

ok then again maybe not. lol

Same for my project. the entire project is down with 500 error

Have fun explaining this to all your clients. its been a blast for me so far…


Hey everyone!

EDIT: we’re back up :slight_smile:

Our team is actively investigating this, you can follow along here.

Due to issues with one of our providers, some of our sites are impacted. The team is working on restoring performance as soon as possible - we’ll be updating the status page and this thread as a performance is restored.


compared to the number of time wordpress, hubspot, drupal and others are down, this is walk in the park as long as the fix happens quickly.

So I am not alone in this :smiley:

Same here! My website https://www.rocket.chat/

This is huge. It has cost me at least 2 000 USD in losses already. Why is there no static page option. Why is there no back-up to static option.

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Some of my projects working great, but some are completely down, it’s strange

Hey guys,

I am receiving the same error message on my published sites. This must be a Webflow issue, right?

I have the same issue. It’s giving me a heart attack :weary:

My client is asking to move to a more reputable host and I’ve had to explain to them that there is no one more reputable than Amazon. AWS is 100% of Amazon’s operating income and they average 150 Billion quarterly… There is no better.