Something unexpected happened

Same here. What is going on!

I don’t know, I might lose some customers because of this. A billion dollar company is having bugs.

Same here. Can’t get our site back to live.

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Also was worried about this but webflow status says that they are good?

We really need someone from Webflow to provide an update ASAP

have sent email and screen grab of this same thing. It has to do with the publishing function. I have 2 sites down and no one from webflow has answered yet

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Same here - my site has gone down. Getting the 500 error page every time I republish anything. Tried restoring from a back up and publishing that, still nothing… any ideas anyone?

Same here - also tried republishing from backup.

theyre working on it now

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Pretty sure it has something to do with AWS having issues

Same here. :smiling_face_with_tear:
I cannot publish any of my pages. The same error always comes up: Something unexpected happened (500 error).

Same here I think there are multiple threads about this issue

i’ve contacted the customer service tho…

same here. site is dead and staging site is dead. 500 error.

Same here. What seems to be the problem?

Same here 500 error :confused:

[Incident in progress - AWS error affecting sites] Server 500 error - #37 by Sasha_Kuridza - it’s all here

Same here.

The platform has stability issues, see here:

Same here. Does anyone know if it’s Webflow’s bug or ours?

Seems like the team has fixed the issue. Please let us know if your Webflow designer tool isn’t working still.