[Solved] Server 500 error

My cms pages are all giving 500 server errors. Anything I can do?

Example page

Probably AWS is down?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Same for me so I guess it’s a Webflow problem :[

btw. what is the analytics software you have on the screenshot?

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Ahrefs. I think AWS is down that could be the reason

Same here… Everything was up until about 5 mins ago

Same here, I wish they would offer a static backup solution that we could use in cases like this.

It’s AWS I guess

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Same here - anything we can do? ETA on when it will be back up?

Seeing the same issues here. 500 errors on random pages, coming and going…

I can finally sleep I guess

All the website down with 500 error :frowning: But only one, others keep working.

same here :frowning: the main project down :frowning:

Same here. Anyone know what is going on?

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Same, would be great to get a WF response

500 error on a webflow domain site, but not on a published live site :woman_shrugging:

What is Google’s policy at this point? Let’s say it crawled and saw the server giving 500.

If you republish a custom domain site it will put it down too UGH, learned that the hard way

Same here, there is some light already here?

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Same here, 500 errors on any site published since 1:07MT :frowning:

My site is down also. Only getting 500 errors

same here. two sites down with 500 error