[Solved] Server 500 error

Oh wow. It sounds like you are handling it well, and this is good insight for the rest of us whose clients will be chomping at the bit wanting to know what we web designers are doing wrong. It’s not us! It’s one of the richest companies in the world!

I have a CMS site down as well. Was really starting to unravel since my client is at a conference right now and I just published his updated site a couple of hours ago. It’s 500 error-palooza.

Same issue, my website is down :frowning:

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FYI entire US-EAST 1 of AWS is down

Hello Webflowers ! Glad to see that i’m not the only one having issues with my clients, this is a therapeutic thread :laughing: By the way i’ve just lanched a massive email campaign redirecting to a landing page with 500 error message … Not sure i’ll get some leads today … #PrayforAWS