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(Solved) Best way to align button next to form?


Whats’ the best way to align a form button next to a form?

Here’s a screenshot of what I’d like to achieve:

[Solved & removed by uploader]

I achieved this by putting a float left on the form (which has a width of 30%) and a float right on the button, and then using 260px left margin for the form and 260px right margin for the button, but I don’t think this is the best solution (especially for responsiveness?).

And here’s a screenshot of what the current solution without any margin/floats/% width is like:

[Solved & removed by uploader]

Thanks guys!

Hi there,

See if something like this works for you. I did percentage widths on the input field and button and then gave them both a property of float:left.


Thanks, I did exactly that and it works great.