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Form button to sit off edge of form

Hi everyone.

I’m creating a form where the button sits on the edge of the form block (see screenshot of design), however when I’m building it and setting the position to absolute, it’s cutting the button at the edge of the form instead of layering it on top. Think it might be something to do with the custom shape I’m using for the white box. Any ideas of how to fix/overwrite this?

I am new to Webflow and coding so you might have to spell it out for me!

Here is my site Read-Only:
Published site:

I also have another question on the forum that I haven’t got an answer too - any help greatly appreciated: Coverflow swiper effect - slides per view

@WebflowCommunityTeam do you maybe know how to fix this? Not sure what to do!

@cyberdave maybe you know? :crossed_fingers: