Solution for user specific download area… Suggestions?

Hey Webflowers! :slightly_smiling_face:

It happened! My customer asked me to implement a user specific download area into his website (done with Webflow). Now first off, I know I can’t wait for that feature to come around finally as a native Webflow solution.
So I consider two possibilities where I’d like to get some feedback first to evaluate before jumping into this cold water:

  1. There was a YouTube video not long ago, where someone solved it with Firebase (?) I think. I’m no programmer, so it looked manageable but not so naturally fitting my skills.
  2. And then I assume, there are a few ready-to-go solutions as some kind of 3rd party cloud service. But there are just too many with too many features, while I only need the download area.

My questions:

  • How would you address this request?
  • Do you have experience about one or the other?

I very much appreciate your input on this. Thank you. :pray:t2:

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User logs in with his personal login and downloads files specifically intended for him.

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Hi @Tobi_Huber

Firebase - @jasondark produced these YT tutorials:

@mistercreate also showed possibilities with Knack:

@DuncanHamra recently showcased this new option:

And, maybe not quite user-specific like you need, but Webflow introduced this…which introduces the possibilities of some gated content via form success fields:

Hope those are useful!


To follow up from @StuM, here’s a newer Firebase + Webflow video series I made. See if that helps you at all.



Thanks for the update @jasondark :+1:

@Tobi_Huber Two solutions come to mind.

If you only have a handful of users, you might be able to get away with using Webflow native password protected pages. It’s an inexpensive solution that works just fine for many projects.

Your other option is something like AuthRamp (my partner and I created AuthRamp).

We’re trying to make it really easy to add member-only download areas to Webflow. You design your pages, we give you a few lines of code, and that’s it! We usually charge a low $100 setup fee and a regular monthly fee depending on the number of users and features.

Whichever solution you go with, I’m happy to help any other questions. I’ve now built/helped with over a dozen sites with membership areas.

Btw, Thanks @StuM for the mention.


Thanks @DuncanHamra
If Webflow had combined the password protection with the collection items, it’d be awesome. But like this, its not suitable, unless you only have 3 users to manage.

I bookmarked your new version (already loved the last one). Will have a look for sure.

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Exactly. It’s great for a few users, but not sustainable.

AuthRamp might be a better fit for you. You can create a CMS collection called users, add each user as an item, and add downloads. Users can only access their downloads with their username and password.

Just got your email. Will follow up there.


Thanks, I hope you find it useful!

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