Advice Needed: Downloadable content behind a password protected login

Hey all,

I’m about to endeavour on a site rebuild for the newspaper content my company creates every week. What I’m looking to do is have a bunch of downloadable files (nothing to huge, but bulk) that my clients can access. Depending on the client, they may have different levels of access for the content they are paying for. I also need to manage their login accounts.

Looking for advice on how to go about this. How should I host the files? How can I setup a reliable login? Is this something I should be outsourcing custom code for?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @dannytaro,
this isn´t possible with webflow alone. I think it should be possible with Memberstack. This is a tool to create membership functionality in webflow. (protect sites with passwords, customer login and customer payments)

Hope i could help

Yes, I figured WF would have it’s limitations here. Thanks, I’ll check it out!

We use memberstack and love it. However, this is not a secure login system. From a basic authentication standpoint - it works great.

Hmm, already reaching limitations with MemberStack, as I need to offer specific products to each individual member. Not sure MS will be able to manage that.

Perhaps I am looking at an FTP server with Firebase? Does anybody have that experience?

@dannytaro this is totally doable with Webflow & MemberStack.

The previous comments are correct, MemberStack is not a secure login system, and they don’t offer “secure” downloads (e.g. if you bypass Javascript you can still download your content).

That said I’ve created a screencast walking through how to create secure downloads using MemberStack.

If a user logs out and tries to download your content, they can’t, and they can’t bypass it either:

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