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Social Media Content Bank, Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Hi, everybody! I’m back and I’m ready to share. In November I posted about a project I was working on (original post here: Social Media Content Bank).

I have a client that I was doing some work for. Design/SEO/and some copy work. I wrote a bunch of copy for them to use on various networks. I tried to use Hootsuite with them and we juggled spreadsheets but everything was wonky and labor intensive. Plus, my client wasn’t super savvy with technology and the learning curve was killing us.

So, as usual, Webflow to the rescue. I used this post from @Waldo (FREEBIE: Sharing is Caring :)) and this one from @sabanna (Dynamic share buttons for different social media) to create a social media bank with share buttons.

I worked for a while trying to get all the share buttons working properly and kept running into walls. I reached out to @Waldo and I’m telling you - he saved this whole project. Being the humble guy that he is, he told me that all credit belonged to @roope. So, Roope and Waldo, I owe you a beer or a coffee or something. Thanks for rescuing this project and working so hard to find a solution!

So without further ado, here is the project I created. It’s available to clone. Clone it, steal it, and use it with your own clients or for your own projects. I freelance, but I also work for a Non-Profit that supports public schools. Our Communications staff is going to clone it and stock it with content for schools with different categories. Content for crisis situations, weather related issues, parent meetings, etc.

It’s a simple set up with categories at the top. Each category takes you to a page with collections and filters to display the right category. When you click on the content you see all the copy, and share buttons and instructions for the user. It’s pretty simple.

I even set it up so that the client can fill out a Google sheet to add new content to the site using Zapier.

And here is a Google Sheet template that you can make a copy of and use with your client to add content:

Have Fun!! Also, @roope and @Waldo, seriously send me a link to your Venmo or something so I can buy you a drink!


Thanks for sharing with the Webflow community! Your project is amazing!


Thanks, @samliew! I hope it can be useful for you!

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How did you connect the two? In Zapier. I cloned both of the documents.

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Thank you for sharing. The original post helped me and this improves on it.

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Yes, I used Zapier to connect them both. A free account should cover it unless you have a client adding a HUGE bank of content. Hope this helps!

Thanks, Matthew! Actually have an even more improved version coming soon! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait! :nerd_face: