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Social Media Content Bank

I have a client who needed me to write copy for their social media posts. They wanted to manually post the content and weren’t going to be scheduling much, so I wrote all the content in a Google Sheet.

The original thought was for them to copy and paste content out of the sheet and then paste it into the social media network of their choice.

I decided a much easier way to do this would be to build a Webflow site and play off the social share code and buttons that @Waldo (FREEBIE: Sharing is Caring :)) and @sabanna (Dynamic share buttons for different social media) have shared here in the forums.

But instead of sharing the current page and content, we’ll be sharing content written for the social media posts with specific links provided in content as well. Everything will come from the CMS.

So I built it out, downloaded the CSV of my content I wrote from Google Sheets and imported it.

You can see a live working version here:

They only share on three networks, but this could include G+, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIN. Twitter works like a dream…but Facebook and Instagram require you to still copy and paste. I used some java to make it as easy as pushing a button for the user.

Hopefully this is something other people can steal and use. I’m going to try and post a copy of it with all social networks included so people tomorrow so people can clone and steal! Let me know what I need to improve. Would love feedback!


This is such a neat application of those technologies! @rileyrichter :clap: great work!

You could even set up Zap to create a new Collection item when a new row is added to the Google sheet :wink: Automation FTW :smiley:


This is brilliant! Keen to see the full version with more networks added.

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Thanks, @Waldo! As usual, you come through with a GREAT idea! That zap will make it easy for me AND the client to keep adding copy! You, sir, are a rockstar!

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Thanks, @CircleWorks!! I’m hoping to have it up today! Just working through some javascript around the encodeURIComponent. Once I’m finished I’ll share it!!!


thanks for sharing, very interested info

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