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Social Links Aren't Working?

Why aren’t my social links clickable? I tried changing the Z index to 1 and that didn’t help.

I feel like every time I fix something on my site, something else stops working >_>

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is my live website:

Hello @amcamp,

Did you fix this issue? because your social links were working for me, all of them were clickable and sent me to the right place. There has been a problem with safari since the last update, so if you are using safari, try this, clear your cache, open your site on an incognito window, or test in chrome. I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

Were you looking on web or mobile? They’re working on mobile but not web!

Hello @amcamp, they worked for me on both desktop and mobile, on safari and chrome. Could you take a screen shot of the issue on your end. Also, have you tried refreshing your designer?

To confirm - everything works fine on my end as well.

@Pablo_Cortes @dram

I can’t figure out why, it’s working on everyone’s computer but mine. You can see how it works on the mobile responsive size but not the desktop!

the password is webflow

Hello @amcamp,

have you tried refreshing your browser and/or opening the designer on an incognito window?

@Pablo_Cortes I did and it’s still not working! So weird

Hello @amcamp,

I know what is going on. On my computer I use a very big monitor so your hero wrapper doesn’t really cover your links. On smaller screens, I’m assuming yours, it does cover the links and therefore you can’t press on them. What you have to do is to select your social block and give it a z-index of 9999. Let me know how it goes.


@Pablo_Cortes Great debugging right here!

@amcamp To be more specific your container div is overalpping your social icons because it has the z-index of 1000.


@Pablo_Cortes thank you so much!!! that was amazing, I tried changing the Z-index before but I don’t 100% understand how it works. That totally fixed the problem!

@dram thank you so much!

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No worries @amcamp, I’m glad I found the issue, @dram did a better job at explaining it.