Using a link to go to element with ID not working how I want

Hey Guys, I am creating my portfolio website and my in page link is not working how I would want it to. I want the selected section with id visible when I clink the link but it hides behind my fixed nav. I would like some help fixing the same. Thank you.
How it is working rn:

How I want it to

Some people solve this by placing a spacer div as the first child after the header where the height is equivalent to the fixed header on the page. Others add a margin-top on that first element. However, there is a CSS property for this situation, but it takes custom code. See scroll-padding | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

Hey! Thank you so much for your tips. So strangely enough it works the way I want on the live view window on Webflow and also on my iPad. But it’s not working on my chrome and safari browser. not sure why?

Maybe this is a technical fault with Webflow?

So I checked on my friends laptops and its working perfectly fine except one my browser!