Social Facebook share button for CMS - please help

Hi all - been adding a social share for facebook on a CMS item
I can get the post working, but I can’t add the following:

  • Title to the post,
    it just defaults to my Webflow URL, I want the name of the article in there.
  • Image of the post
    The image is blank (see attached)

This is the code in the embed

    <a class="share-button facebook"
href="[PAGE TITLE]&image=[CMS IMAGE]">


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I couldn’t get your read-only link to work so I can’t say for sure but have you filled out the social share information on your blog page?
Like this

. It’s found under the collection page settings. Use the ‘add a field’ option (purple text) to make sure the info that shows is specific to each blog item.

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Yep that’s all filled in - still no dice

Have you tried Facebook’s debug tool? I’m not sure how to access it anymore, don’t use fb that often, but that should get the latest info from your site.

I don’t think it is that - it must be the code I put in on the embed (see my above post).
I think the answer has to be relevent to WF otherwise if I start looking at the Dev tools for FB I am going to get highly confused.

So did you use the dynamic fields for the code or just the code as I’m seeing it?
Here’s an example of what I mean

. The purple part of the code is what I’m referring to.

yes used cms code

Hmm, not sure what’s going on then. Here’s a link to the fb debugger tool Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers . It’s pretty straightforward.

This is working now, I did not change anything, so it makes me think it might take time to propagate after the site is published? Thanks for trying to help.

glad it ended up working :slight_smile: . Looks like that might just be the case then

hey! can you share the code you used to get the share button working please?

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