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Facebook Share Link with HTML Embed in Webflow CMS

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I would like to embed a Facebook Share button in a blog post Template within the Webflow CMS.
It works perfectly with Twitter and I have issues making it work with Facebook.
I studied the Facebook Developpers page and did this following the instructions:

-I took this example with the “Full Code” Facebook provides here:

The first issue is that Webflow does not give the opportunity to enter the Facebook meta description when I click on “Add Field”: I would like to add the last field on this image (Référence - mini texte au choix)

Secondly, in the Embed code I changed the data href to the url of my site+the slug:

-Do I need to remove the .html part? Is the url correct?
-I changed the “data-layout” property to “link” as I want only a link and it is not clickable on my site…

Can someone help me, I am sure someone will have the right answer to solve this issue.

Thanks again!

Hi, to begin with, you need to add “script” handles around your script at page level:

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Hi again Vincent,
it still doesn’t change anything.

Any idea?

Thanks again.

Hi @leetch,

I successfully used codes for different social networks share, even before Dynamic embeds.
Here is topic with code examples and explanations: Social sharing buttons + CMS?

Hope it helps.


Thanks for your help both @vincent and @sabanna,

I managed to get some results reading the Facebook and Twitter developper pages.

I need now to enter a short summary I made for an item in my collection (a movie summary) in order to use it as the Open Graph Description but in the menu it doesn’t show!!! I don’t understand as it is supposed to be there…

This is the “Add Field item” with no sign of the “movie summary field” I mentionned above ( Référence - mini texte au choix)

Here’s the “movie summary field” I talked about that is not showing ( LAST ONE…“Référence - mini texte au choix”)

Thanks again for those willing to help.

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