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I hid a symbol I called foot on this web template I working on.
I had clicked on to hide in desktop view because it was in my way while I was working. Now I want to turn it back on. I have selected the object in the object panel and it says that it should be visible on all devices yet I don’t see the footer. It’s was a big blue booker with macbook buttons and such. I have a back up of the site as a previous version but not sure how to get it over to the new version. I also don’t know how to delete a symbol and start over again if that is what’s needed?

Hi @tedserwebflow

  1. Go to the navigator panel double click foot
  2. Go to the styles panel
  3. Change the display setting to Display:Block

Tell me if that works if not ill be happy to assist further :smile:

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Thank you very much Ahmed. That did the trick. One of the other things is I didn’t double click to make any options appear when I hit the style panel. I knew it was something simple like those two things but I was stuck. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Glad i could help out :smile:

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